Welcome to the new Miles & Emma!


Over four years ago, I started M&E to share my thoughts on life with a high-drive Welsh terrier: our adventures, our ups and downs, and our training pursuits. In the first post, in the spring of 2011, I wrote about me and Miles’ dog agility beginnings, and the wildness of our first attempts. So much has happened over the last four years. I graduated from University and entered my 30’s, and Miles survived the long Welsh terrier ‘puppyhood’ (3 years? 4 years!), and now, amazingly enough, we compete in the Masters level of dog agility. Wildly, still, of…

Celebrating Agility Titles


In dog agility, the one event that tends to matter most seems to be the Standard course. This is not surprising, given the Standard course is the most traditional of courses — no matter where you are in the world, Standard refers to an agility course that is numbered and sequential, and that contains the greatest variety of obstacles (jumps, contacts, weaves, tunnels). While every type of agility course has its challenges for every team, Standard is often the most valued due to the perfection that is required in order to qualify — aka, to successfully complete what…

Miles Bytes

Miles does zoomies around our apartment to celebrate spring, and runs into a neighbor in the process. Miles is intimidated by the neighbor — but curious about what she’s up to. My favorite part is when he considers peeing after she does, but decides that he’d better stay alert, cautious, and safe instead! Later that day, Miles entertained himself while we waited in the  lineup at the bank, by stretching and watching the traffic outside. Ah, spring is here!