M&E Puppy Culture Review


Earlier this year, I watched an educational video that completely blew me away. I know, how often can any of us say that? Puppy Culture is a new video series that covers puppy development from pre-birth to 12 weeks of age. Creator and narrator Jane Killion uses an example litter of her Madcap Bull Terriers to trace every stage of puppy…

Miles and Camilla


In honor of Camilla’s recent 3rd birthday, I would like to introduce you to her! Camilla is a feisty Miniature Schnauzer, who Miles met through agility earlier this year. Because she has big adorable ears, Karolyn calls her a ‘schnabbit.’

So Long, Chute!


Hasta La Vista Chute The chute is a classic piece of agility repertoire. The original reason for this obstacle was to test the competitive dog’s ability to confidently run into and through a dark, claustrophobic and snaggy tunnel. (Therefore it has unquestionably been the “terrier’s choice” obstacle!) As the sport of agility has grown, so has the accuracy and speed for competitive dogs– and consequently,…