Favorite Balls

Favorite Balls
1-3.  Silly squeakers iballs in small, medium, and a very sizable large. These are Miles’ all time favorites for fetch time indoors and outdoors. They are great for training because they are furry and have a loud squeak. Machine washable.
4.  Chuck-it erratic ball is great for keeping Miles’ attention when playing fetch in new areas because when it lands, it bounces in random directions. When he was a puppy I stuffed little treats in the holes and he played with it for ages.
5.  Chuck-it max-glo ball glows in the dark, for night time games of fetch.
6.  Hard boiled softies shark has a durable rubber ball inside of the machine washable toy cover. Hours of fun with the cover, or without. This toy has a very unnerving squeak, so it might not be great in a small apartment.
7.  Mighty toy ball is a tough rubber ball with a fleece covering. When the fleece bites the dust, you’ve still got the ball. Ours hangs out in the backyard and is still in great shape.
8.  Hol-ee roller ball is a bouncy favorite of dogs and puppies alike.

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