A duel for the Top 20 Award of Merit

I’ve known Tracey since she was the judge at Miles and my first fun match. About a year and a half ago, I joined the agility class she and her husband Chris are also in. Chris and I became fast comrades when we did some private lessons together to prep for Regionals last year. We both are first-time handlers, and we both run crazy wild dogs. This year before Regionals, I told Tracy and Chris that he and I would have to do some sort of challenge about who’d get less/more off-courses — me and Miles, or him and his Klein Poodle Jack. Off-courses are a trademark of wild crazy dogs, meaning the dog veers off-course and does an extra obstacle. No fault at Regionals is as bad as an off-course, because 1 off course is worth 20 fault points! I said it would be so funny to have a big award for it, given none of our friends and family would even realize that “most off courses” isn’t a GOOD thing.

A duel for the Top 20 Award of Merit
{ Our duel partners }

And guess who won me and Chris’ duel? Me! Last weekend Miles racked up FIVE off courses (four of which happened in one really painful run). When I got to class last night, Tracey completely floored me with an award that she crafted herself!

A duel for the Top 20 Award of Merit

{ Miles poses proudly with his award }

A duel for the Top 20 Award of Merit

{ I can’t believe Tracey made this ribbon!
The beer coaster is a nice touch too. }

A duel for the Top 20 Award of Merit

{ Top 20 Award of Merit – now a fixture on our ribbon wall. }

…What’s a Regionals Q ribbon when you can have a dubiously-titled-smashingly-beautiful ribbon handmade by Tracey? (Sorry about the hot glue burns Tracey…)

20 comments on A duel for the Top 20 Award of Merit

  • Cortnee

    This playful keepsake brought a smile to my face since I believe having fun is the most important part of competition and not until I’m having fun is winning worth the effort for me. That original ribbon means more than any store bought stack. Congrats on your win, and thanks Tracey & Chris For all the smiles you continue to bring to competition.

    • Emma (author)

      I think its safe to say you and I became friends over our shared love of having fun with our dogs! Some of my best memories of waiting to run were with you and Soda. It was a special era in the Starters/Advanced ring of 10 inch specials.

  • jle


    Wonderfully spirited prize

    Your miles-fan

    • Emma (author)

      Thanks JL! You have helped me learn how to focus on the most important parts of agility (with a wacko). Hugs.

  • Elise R.

    Miles looks so proud (and handsome)! Oh the Welshi-ness of it all 🙂

    • Emma (author)

      Yes, being a bad boy is always more appealing if you are handsome! And yes, the Welshi-ness of it all, dead on!

  • Ashley and Maverick

    Awwww that’s so nice!!! I loved watching you guys out there at regionals!! No one knows what it’s like to run a terrier until you’re running a terrier! Miles is an awesome dog and you do a wonderful job with him!! Go Terriers!!

    • Emma (author)

      Ashley, I had so much fun running right before and after you and Maverick. What a team you are! Huge congratulations on your podium win! I was so happy to see you up there representing for Team Terrier!!!! (and thank you for lending my your iPhone charger in the pouring rain)

  • Laurel

    Totally love it! Running a terrorist too I so get it. Love watching you guys run. So sorry I didn’t see your runs at regionals.

    • Emma (author)

      Thanks Laurel! I wish I’d seen you and Paddy’s runs too. What an amazing Regionals he had!

  • Kim atkison

    That’s a funny story!! Congratulations on yours and Miles win. He is such a cute dog. And so lucky to have you as an owner.

    • Emma (author)

      Glad you got a kick out of it Kim! Miles and I are definitely lucky to have each other!

  • Joan

    Simply awesome Emma. You have come so far with Miles and while I don’t have a terrier I do have a wild and crazy dog so I feel your pain. Great attitude – we don’t know how long we’ve got our 4 legged friends with us so enjoy every single moment, good and bad. We also don’t know how long we, or our dogs, will be able to run so savour all of it. Miles loves you to pieces and he’s having fun and that’s all that matters.
    Pretty jealous of that ribbon too1

    • Emma (author)

      Joan, thank you so much. I have watched you and Stanley since I started too, and I know you’ve worked very hard. It was so amazing to see you and Stanley up there on the podium! I agree about savoring every moment. We are lucky to be able to do this with our dogs and have so many crazy memories. 🙂

  • Tracey

    I love this team. One day Miles and I will run away together….then get into a bunch of mischief and return home slightly disheveled…and exhausted. I’m glad you enjoyed my first attempt at making a rosette. You worked very hard and you deserved a wonderful reward for all your efforts.

    • Emma (author)

      Normally it would pain me to say this, but in this case I feel pretty okay about the fact that Miles would leave me for you in a heartbeat. Drop everything and go.

      I already knew you were amazing in every way, and now artist is added to further that list. You are the best Tracey. I am so lucky to know you.

  • Danielle

    That’s so cool! Well done Miles!! And what a special friend to make that for you!!!

    • Emma (author)

      “Go team terrier,” says Miles. Thanks Danielle!

  • Jan Warren

    What a handsome piece of work that is! A serving team!

    • Emma (author)

      Thanks Jan!

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