A toy wild enough for the terriers

A toy wild enough for the terriers

Many dogs (terriers especially) dream of chasing squirrels. One of the most squirrel-like dog toys I have come across is the Doggie Tail. This toy comes alive when dropped or bumped.A dog toy with a mind of it’s own…

When activated, the toy shakes vigorously, mimicking prey.

A toy wild enough for the terriers

The toy has two parts: a fuzzy machine-washable shell and the inner mechanical compartment, which requires three AAA batteries. While I am not at all mechanically-savvy, I wasn’t into the noise this toy makes (a weird sad-dog sound), and I was able to easily disconnect it. If you get one and want to do the same, let me know and I’ll explain!

Above is Miles’ first introduction to the toy several years ago. Our place was going through a big renovation, so Miles enjoyed playing with this crazy toy while I shuffled stuff around and workers came in and out.

In the above video, Miles was in the later stages of recovery from a surgery he had on his back (posts on that here). As he recovered, toy was clearly a fun way to get his mind off of any lingering discomfort.

Above is Axel the Welsh Terrier hilariously playing with the toy.

And finally, who doesn’t love puppy videos? Above is one of Miles’ breeders pups playing with a Doggie Tail toy. Video from Shaireab’s Bayleigh Welsh Terriers Facebook page.

Have you seen this toy before? Have you tried it?

  • Please note that this toy is interactive. Be present when your dog is playing with this toy, and store out of your dog’s reach when play sessions are over.

7 comments on A toy wild enough for the terriers

  • Danielle

    I’ve never heard of that toy before. That looks like a blast! I so enjoyed all of these videos. Where did you find yours?

    • Emma (author)

      I got ours on Amazon!

  • debraji

    Oliver the Welsh Terrier would love that toy, but he is the Destroyer of Toys and I doubt it would last a day. He’s pretty much limited to Kongs.

    • Emma (author)

      Hi Debra! Yes, there are some dogs who can destroy any toy! My friend has a Boston Terrier who shreds apart Kongs on a regular basis. She knows when to get a new one when she sees the bits of plastic around the house. 🙂 Emma

  • Danielle

    This toy looks awesome! We have been trying to find a good interactive toy for our yr old pup Mungo. He loves the Brain “Busy” Boards that we use currently. But this would be fun to watch him “hunt” for! Thanks for the post!

    • Emma (author)

      Hi Danielle, nice to “meet” you! Definitely comment again if you try it and Mr. Mungo likes it. It would be great to hear other’s experiences. Anything to keep them happy and busy, right? 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Darcy

    Emma, I hadn’t heard of this toy, but I always read your reviews and give things a try… so I ordered two. Sally LOVES it! When I put it away, shell go sit by the closet door.. she never whines or cries, but sits there, or lays in front of it… when I get the Doggie Tail out, she goes after it like the wild terrier she is! She’s my hunter, and she loves to hear it “screaming”. Haha. Chester, well he likes it, but he’s 11 now, and though he is tops at barn hunt, and no rat will EVER escape him, he is old enough to know that this is a toy and not real, so… he just watches Sally being silly, and conserves his energy for the real thing! Great on, however. Just love it… such a funny sounding laughing, crying, barking dog sound! I don’t mind it at all… maybe my neighbors do, but I don’t! Thanks! Love and puppé kisses! Chester, Darcy and Sally

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