Emma Kesler CPDT-KA

I am one of those people who strongly believes that if you don’t try, you will never know. All of my life, I have been interested in and passionate about the bonds humans share with other creatures. I grew up very involved in dog and small animal 4-H, and since have always liked the idea of combining community and education with a shared love and respect for other animals. I am educated in academic writing and art, but I’d rather be outside! I am also a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA). My inspirations in life are dogs, chameleons, Frederick Douglass, Gerald Durrell, and industrial designer and autism educator Temple Grandin. My favorite things are learning about and thinking about behavior, dog agility, beer and outdoor adventures (maybe because I grew up in Oregon?), driving my 1989 MR2, sarcasm, and good tv and movies.

ATCHC Shaireab’s You’re Under Arrest

Miles is a full-o’-beans Welsh Terrier, named after the musician Miles Davis. He is a thoughtful guy and an athletic powerhouse. The ATCHC preface to his name is for his Agility Champion Title, and the Shaireab’s namesake is for his family of origin (Miles’ littermate was the #1 Welsh Terrier in America for 2011, and won Best of Breed at the 2012 Westminster Kennel Club show!). Miles is a very true-to-breed Welsh Terrier. He is hard-wired to chase anything that moves, his teeth are enormous, he is always looking for action, and he lives life to the absolute fullest. Miles’ favorite things are agility, any kind of training we do together, eating, traveling, music (his favorites seem to be jazz & blues), chasing anything moving, and probably most of all, partying with friends and family. He also enjoys napping and sleeping in — but don’t let that fool you — he can be “on” in milliseconds!

Miles’ Agility Titles: ADC, AADC, SGDC, AGDC, NAP, NJP, NFP, OAP, OJP, OFP, AJP, MXP, MJP, MFP, T2BP, MADC, MGDC, MJDC, MSDC, ATChC, MTRDC, Expert Standard Bronze, Expert Gamble Bronze, Expert Jumpers Bronze, Expert Snooker Bronze, MSCDC, Bronze Award of Merit, Versatility Bronze, Expert Gamble Silver, Expert Snooker Silver, Silver Award of Merit, Expert Standard Silver, Expert Jumpers Silver, Versatility Silver, Expert Gamble Gold, Expert Standard Gold, Gold Award of Merit, IAC (International Agility Champion), IAW (International Agility Win Champion)

[heading element=”h3″ style=”bordered” alignment=”center” remove_margins=””]Why a Dog Blog?[/heading]

As humans, we place enormous expectations on the animals around us. In their role as dedicated human companions, dogs are especially subject to our wants and desires. For centuries, dogs were primarily bred to fulfill important working roles, such as herding, guarding, hunting, and pest control. Only a select portion of dogs were bred solely to be human companions. For modern working breeds, strongly ingrained working traits often conflict with sudden expectations for such dogs to fit the role of companions. A Welsh Terrier, like Miles, isn’t born knowing what people want. Oftentimes, people want instant results without taking the time to learn how to communicate with the other being involved, or to consider why the other animal might behave or react the way they do. On this blog I’d like to show that if you take the time to try and understand your dog, and work with the dog you’ve chosen, you can accomplish a great deal. After all, the beauty of the human/canine bond lies in our differences, and the ways we find to communicate with each other across these differences. Dogs allow us to relish the sloppiness and imperfection that is life with pride and gusto. And that is why we love them.


This is for all of the wild dogs out there, for the people who love them, and for those who want get to know them. You've come to the right place.

Two Time Maxwell Award Winner