Bathing Dogs

Bathing Dogs

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  • Gail

    When our first WT was treated for a yeast infection our vet recommended the non soap shampoo, Hylyt shampoo and conditioner. We use it on Bailey today as it lathers, is gentle, easy to rinse out and leaves no residue or causes the skin to dry out. The conditioner is simply sprayed on and rubbed in at the end. So many WT owners has dogs with itchy skin and smelly coats:( We are blessed that Bailey does not but using Hylyt and having a raw diet hopefully will maintain her healthy coat.

    • Emma (author)

      Hi Gail! My vet tech friend was mentioning something like that, I’ll have to check with her if it is the same product. It sounds like you’ve been really happy with it. Miles also benefits from a raw diet and regular gentle bathing. I get a lot of comments about how good he smells. Do you supplement omegas? That is the other big thing that has kept up Miles’ coat and general health.

  • Danielle

    A great drawing and great tips! Oliver gets bathed at least once a month, or sometimes a few days apart if he rolls in something super smelly. I’m so glad that regular baths aren’t harmful, because I do prefer a fresh-smelling, non-greasy Welshie!

    • Emma (author)

      From the pictures I have seen, Oliver has great skin & coat. Clearly what you are doing is working! Even if he would prefer to smell like dead things… Haha!

  • Jarod

    Thanks for this post, Emma. Your blog is such a well written and helpful resource. Our WT, Scout, is 3 months old and she just had her first bath. We didn’t want to bathe her before it was necessary (her puppy coat is so soft and fluffy!), but we wanted to introduce bathing into the routine in a positive way while she’s still very young. We’ve been brushing her coat and teeth since she came home with us around 8 weeks old. She did well and the shampoo we used was very gentle and smells great!

    • Emma (author)

      Hello Jarod, it is nice to hear from you! I am happy you are finding the blog useful. I applaud your desensitization routine with Scout, it will pay off greatly throughout her entire life. Scout is lucky to have you! 🙂 Keep in touch!

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