The Best Present Miles Has Ever Received

Two years ago, my sister came to visit from Scotland. During her stay, she stealthily measured Miles for a secret present. Later that year on my birthday, I received a small package. I opened the box, and then unwrapped the little soft gift inside. Out unfolded the most beautifully hand-knit little sweater. My sister had designed and custom knit it just for Miles. It has a Welsh dragon in honor of Miles’ Welsh heritage.

A Sweater Designed & Hand-Knit by My Sister

The Best Present Miles Has Ever ReceivedThe Best Present Miles Has Ever ReceivedThe Best Present Miles Has Ever Received

Miles proudly wears the sweater all winter. My sister is currently studying in Scotland to become a specialist of museum textiles. She has designed knitting patterns and enjoys getting paid to knit display models of other people’s patterns in her “free time.” Miles and I are so lucky! Miles to have such a perfect sweater, and me to have something so beautiful to look at.

The Best Present Miles Has Ever Received

I began this post and then realized that Miles’ best present is actually a two-parter!

Surprise: A Hand-Sewn Quilt by Danielle

This post on the best present ever would not be complete without a surprise! I can’t forget this hand-sewn quilt that longtime M&E reader Danielle made just for Miles. I am so lucky to have met, and to continue to meet such wonderful people through this blog. Danielle is one of the first very close friends that I met through M&E. Danielle is a schoolteacher and also designs and crafts beautiful handmade creations in her “free time.” I could never do what Danielle and my sister do with textiles. The patience, mathematical skills, planning and precision necessary are truly beyond my comprehension. I think these ladies are geniuses. The kind of fine art that can be enjoyed in everyday life is truly the most special.

The Best Present Miles Has Ever Received

6 comments on The Best Present Miles Has Ever Received

  • Darcy Dorwart

    Miles, that is truly an epic sweater! So intricate! I love the detail. The Welsh Red Dragon is simply amazing!! Your auntie should have a business so other Welsh could have such a perfectly beautiful sweater. Bravo. You really made my day with your proud wearing photos. Love you, Chester and Sally

    • Emma (author)

      Darcy, I agree completely! Hugs to you, Chester and Sally!

  • kim atkison

    Hi Miles and Emma! That is a truly great sweater! Love the dragon! Your aunt (sister) is a very talented knitter! And the quilt you received from a follower and now friend is so beautiful – what a nice gift! I just love reading about your adventures and seeing your photos! You two are so fortunate to have each other! 🙂 Have a GREAT Welsh Terrier Day! 🙂 kim

    • Emma (author)

      Hello Kim! I am so happy you enjoy our adventures! <3 I hope 2017 brings you much Welsh Terrier Joy! 😉

  • Danielle

    Wow Emma! The sweater your sister designed is lovely and she has a lot of skill! Miles looks very handsome wearing it!!

    Thanks for including the quilt I made – I was very surprised to see it pop up here! I’m still happy that Miles gets use out of it. But here’s where we get into an argument about who is more talented though – I think you have more artistic talent in your drawings like the one you did of Millie, or for the blog, than I do in following some “math” and instructions to quilt. But thank you all the same! It’s nice to have creativity as an outlet and to be able to share it with others – no matter what form it takes. Hugs to a great friend!!

    • Emma (author)

      I continue to get great enjoyment from the quilt. Miles too of course, hehe!

      I think your talent is as impressive. I wish I understood math the way you do. It is like a foreign language that you speak so beautifully!

      Hugs back 🙂

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