Cooling Summer Dog Gear

Cooling Summer Dog Gear
  1. Plastic kiddie “wading” pool
  2. Get Wet duck
  3. Chilly Buddy cooling jacket
  4. Loopies water toy
  5. Outward Hound Cool-it bandana
  6. Gulpy water dispenser
  7. Dog Booster Bath
  8. Ruffwear waterproof reflective collar
  9. Cooling Mats!
  10. Ruffwear K-9 life jacket
  11. Shell squeaky toy
{  Happy July!  }

4 comments on Cooling Summer Dog Gear

  • david

    Ha ha he was terrified of the pool at first when he was little, just liked dipping his mouth in to get the ball out.

  • Pam

    Hi Emma, Love your suggestions. Daisy loves water and I got her a kiddie pool, which she has fun in. Also, your cooling pads suggestion is great. I use mine in her carrier, so when we fly and she is under my seat, she stays nice and cool! Pam

  • Emma (author)

    Thanks Pam! What brand of cooling mat to you use? You have such great suggestions on gear, thank you!

  • Darcy

    OMG, Emma! I just ordered the ChillyBuddy jacket from Clean Run! It has been unforgivably hot and muggy/humid, and Chester really just gets "balky" in the heat! He'll walk directly toward a shady, grassy spot, and throw himself down on his tummy, saying… " this walk is over!" We went for a walk so early this morning trying to get some coolness. We walked under shady trees for a half hour, but it was still drippy humid hot. We rounded a corner turning away from home, and Chester took his little terrier head and threw it meaningfully toward home. Then he planted his front feet. What could I do but turn around? Satisfied, he trotted me steady home and flopped in his wading pool. When I read your post I ordered the ChillyBuddy straight away! So excited for it to come! Thanks! Fondly, Chester and Darcy

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