Eeep! We are Sorry!

I am so sorry to our wonderful subscribers! I am working on a new look for Miles & Emma for 2019, and last night I uploaded some software that had demo posts on it… And I forgot to turn off notifications. I can’t imagine how annoying that was for you guys, human error prevails at the worst times! Please forgive us! Miles said he’d do his part to beg forgiveness for me by holding my sign up. If you forgive me I’ll give him extra treats tonight! A win-win…

Eeep! We are Sorry!

16 comments on Eeep! We are Sorry!

  • Darcy

    Well… TOTALLY forgiven.. who could resist that cute face? Love!

    • Emma (author)

      AWW thanks Darcy and Sally!

  • Marietta Edwards

    yes, I did wonder, as I know you are a professional, and I have never gotten 32 emails in one day. let alone one month. So it was exciting, and Miles is so gorgeous in his tuxedo, looking forward to your 2019 posts, lots of love, Marietta & Holly ( Joan’s friend with the two cairn terriers, only one now)

    • Emma (author)

      Right? 32?!? How horrible!!! If anything I am glad to add some excitement, haha! Thank you Marietta!!!

  • Denise, Geoff + George

    Ha! It was both exciting and humorous. The apology wasn’t necessary—only 30 quick swipes and the emails were gone. Miles is dashing and you are clever, however, so very easy to forgive. Looking forward to the new look for milesandemma. Wishing you both the very best in 2019. George says, woof, and we all say: Happy New Year!!

    • Emma (author)

      You are too kind, only 30 swipes!?! <3 Happy New Year to you as well!!!

  • Susan Royster

    I’ll forgive you as long as you promise to teach my Stella just one of those tricks! Lol. Miles (and you) are amazing! So fun to watch. 👍😉

    • Emma (author)

      Haha! YES!!! Tricks for Stella in 2019!!!

  • Kimberley Atkison

    I just thought maybe you were thinking about all of us a little extra!! Wishing you the very best in 2019! Lots of terrier love! John, Kim & Baby Willow 😊

    • Emma (author)

      Haha, well I guess extra is a nice way to think of it! Thank you Kim, John and Willow! Much love and happiness sent your way!

  • Sue Jett

    Of course you are forgiven and with a super handsome, genius dog like Miles to inspire us who can complain. Thank you for your helpful and informative and entertaining insights. A big Happy New Year to the two of you!

    • Emma (author)

      Thank you Sue! Happy New Year to you as well!

  • Susan Gottselig

    Not to worry. I was concerned that you had been hacked. Glad it is just new software.

    • Emma (author)

      No hacking here — except by Emma. Hacking by Emma! Sigh. Thank you Susan! I hope we meet again soon in 2019!

  • Jeanmarie Napolitano

    Love that Miles. No problem. Figured it out right
    away. These glitches always happen. I enjoy receiving your emails. I’m in love with Welshies! My guy is soon to be 15 and I just cherish every day with him.
    Thank you.

    • Emma (author)

      Hi Jeanmarie! Yes, everyday with the best dogs ever are precious. I understand. 15 is a fantastic age, how wonderful! And thank you for being so understanding! Happiest of New Years to you and yours!!! – Miles & Emma

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