The first two days after Miles’ surgery

We survived the surgery day! It was so tough! All of your notes and well-wishing helped.

Yesterday morning at 6:59am, I heard Miles groggily get up from his bed in the living room, walk down the hall, and then tiptoe into the bedroom. I was still in bed but awake. His little beady eyes stared up at me, and then at his usual spot on the bed. Still hesitant, he clearly wanted to take his usual place on the bed. I stayed quiet and still, and soon enough, up he came! A short while later he leapt off in fright when I moved.. But after a while, I got up and got my laptop to work, and he realized I wasn’t going to bother him, so he curled up, let out a relaxed sigh, and conked out. He then slept until 2pm.

Miles put in a repeat performance today, and again slept like a beanbag in bed until 2pm. I am glad he is getting lots of rest, and that he is starting to trust me again. The highlight of today was watching a documentary about wolves together in bed on my iPad.

* As I mentioned before, I am keeping an ongoing photo album of Miles’ recovery from surgery here for anyone that is interested in watching FrankenMiles’ healing process.

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