Great Treat Toys

When you’ve provided a high-energy dog (like a Welsh terrier) with a good amount of exercise, important needs are met, but it doesn’t mean they are always going to settle down right away. When Miles is satisfied with a good amount of physical activity, he is then ready to look for things to get into. After that he’ll rest! While treats shouldn’t be the automatic solution to fight boredom, toys that can be stuffed with snacks come in handy when your dog is in need of some low-key and absorbing activity. Miles will spend up to an hour rolling these toys around if they have a few little treats inside. Different ones are good for different situations. The Treatstik is our favorite because it is the only compact treat toy I know of that is so easy to fill/empty/wash, and it is very satisfying for Miles to roll and bang around. The Canine Genius toys are our second favorites because they are similar to the Treatstik, but are quiet if noise is an issue (apartments, hotel rooms). The Kong and Tux toys are great for packing with chunks of treats. The Orbee-Tuff toys are cool looking and double as fetch toys. With any of these toys, just make sure to remember to clean out uneaten bits after play time.
Great Treat Toys
  1. Treatstik (as seen here)
  2. Orbee-Tuff artichoke
  3. Orbee-Tuff strawberry
  4. Tux toy
  5. Kong goodie bone
  6. Kong classic (as seen here)
  7. Canine Genius ‘leo’
  8. Canine Genius ‘mike’
  9. Spikey toy
  10. Chuck-it balls

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