Happy Holidays, to the Dogs

Happy Holidays, to the Dogs
  1. Treat-Stuffable Christmas Lights
  2. Squeaky Snowman Buddy
  3. Herman the Red Nose Reindeer Monster *
  4. Squeaky Christmas Tree
  5. Crinkly & Squeaky Christmas Stocking
  6. Bouncy Snowball
  7. Hide-A-Squirrel, Holidays Edition

* I would like to extend great congratulations to my dear friend Keri, maker of awesome handmade dog toys, for she and Malcolm are expecting their first child any day now! Send good wishes their way for a safe & sound holiday-time delivery.

One comment on Happy Holidays, to the Dogs

  • Cassafrass

    I love the #3 toy! Sometimes I think I buy the toys I like, whether or not Wally will. 😉 Wondering if he would like the squirrel one… More likely he would try to tear them apart. :p

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