Is Your Dog Ball-Obsessed?
Here’s a Helpful Tip!

Is Your Dog Ball-Obsessed? </br>Here's a Helpful Tip!


A lot of older dogs that I have known have had worn down teeth, especially the tips of their upper and lower canines. We all know how important dental care is for general health. If you’ve ever had a problem with a tooth, you likely know how sensitive teeth can be when the nerves are exposed!

I never really thought about why this might happen to dogs, until my friend Suzanne casually mentioned something one day. “Axel is obsessed with balls, so I only give him rubber ones. That way his teeth won’t wear down.” While I had¬†heard of the dangers of tennis balls and dogs that like to chew — tennis balls can be ripped apart, and ingested, but not digested, yikes — but I had never thought about this aspect before.

Thank you Suzanne, for the clever and invaluable tip!

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