Favorite Toys

Favorite Toys
  1. The Mighty dog toys beaver comes out when Miles really wants to impress people. He likes to parade it around for an audience.
  2. The Terrible nasty scaries mean kitty makes a crinkling noise when chewed. Ours has been through the wash more times than I can count. Very durable, great fetch toy.
  3. No other balls have yet to take the spot of the Silly squeakers iballz (as seen here) in Miles’ heart. He is crazy for all three sizes of these durable and machine washable balls.
  4. Since Miles was little he has loved the Fluffy flappy. I have had to replace it once, but it was worthwhile to get another because it lasts a long time. Great for fetch and tug.
  5. Tuffy’s T-Rex lives in our bedroom. To Miles, he is “dino.” This is a huge, heavy and tough toy. Miles likes to wrestle him and play fetch with him.
  6. Canine Genius ‘Mike’ is a squishy rubbery toy that is meant to be stuffed with treats. The only downside is that after Miles has gotten the bits out that he can, the remaining slobbery ones are difficult to remove since the toy doesn’t come apart – and it retains moisture. Make sure to keep this one clean or any old treats might get moldy. What I like about it is that it is very quite on the floor at night.
  7. A cheerful pet tug is made of fleeced wool. It looks just like those long thick strands of kelp you find on the beach. Miles went nuts over this as a hyper puppy. Sometimes out of desperation to get work done I would do paperwork while simultaneously shaking this thing beside me. Sort of an indoor version of the Chase ‘n pull toy below.
  8. The Treatstik (as seen here) is our favorite “stuffable” toy. Our small and large ones have been through the dishwasher many times, and sustained lots of rough play. They are easy to fill, empty, and clean. The only downside to this toy is that it is loud on wood floors.
  9. I got the Tuffy Octopus for Miles when we were on a trip. He played with it in the hotel room even after long days exploring a city. It is one of his all-time favorite fetch toys. Each tentacle has a squeaker in it, and so does the head! Ours has held up very given what a rough life it has had.
  10. Chase ‘n pull toy is an amazing toy originally designed for use with big cats at zoos. Miles goes nuts when I pull out this toy. I have to keep it away from him when we aren’t playing with it though because he ate the plastic end off of the first one!
  11. We have the small version of the Huggle hounds possum. It has a satisfying shape and squeak for Miles’ dim hunter instincts.

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