Miles Makes a Little History

Last weekend, something very exciting happened!

Miles was awarded the AAC ADC title, making him the second ever Welsh Terrier in the 26-year history of the AAC to achieve perfect scores in all Starter’s level classes! Miles is now officially an Advanced-level agility dog!

Miles Makes a Little History
Above is a picture of Miles with his Q and title ribbons from this first year of trialing. It feels amazing that all of our hard work over the past year has paid off. The blue ribbon below is for the title we received last Sunday!
Miles Makes a Little History

It was very special that our last Starter’s run was with judge Tracey Mallinson (who judged us at our first agility funmatch! click here to see cute pic of Tracey and Miles right after he got his title), and that our friend and top cheerleader Suzanne Fryer, and our instructor Nicole LeBlanc were there to share the moment.

I feel very excited to share this with all of you reading this. You are the people who have been “with us through it all.” Thank you for all of your support. It means everything to us.

Miles Makes a Little History

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  • Emma


  • Larisa Hotchin


    WOW – WOW – WOW!!!

    Now, I would have typically used the word "amazing" in my comment … however, I got the wonderful opportunity to witness you and Miles doing what you do (very) well the weekend before at an agility fun match. THAT was amazing to me to watch you both perform, not only in the ring, but outside of the ring also. So, since I had some idea as to what you were capable of, the above is wonderful news, but what I could easily see as a possibility from what I had witnessed the weekend before. You have obviously worked so hard, and you continue to work hard. I am proud of you and I am so happy that we are friends. I hope one day you decide to take on a one-on-one teaching role. You are very kind and supportive with both the animals and people, and most importantly, you understand ….. you just seem to understand what the animals need and want.

    I hope I can be at your agility trial when you get some advanced ribbons. You truly make the impossible seem possible and really help break the mental barriers. Keep it up! I am thrilled, always, that you chose the breed that I love, to have in your life.

    Larisa Hotchin
    Darwyn Welsh Terrriers

  • Christine Brodien-Jones

    A huge congrats, Miles, you are one fantastic Welsh terrier! You look very proud in these photos! What an enormous amount of hard work must have gone into training for these trials. Hugs for you both! 🙂

  • Anth

    You go Miles! So proud of him!

  • Gail

    Amazing Emma and Miles….truly amazing!

  • Jess

    Congrats Miles (and Emma)!!!!

  • Laurel Brunke

    Such a lovely run I saw. You've worked hard to get here and deserve all the praise you get. I saw a team run a few trials ago and could not believe the difference in such a short time. Way to go! Big big congratulations.

    Laurel and Maggie (7th soft coated wheaten terrier in Canada to earn an ATChC so we understand your challenges)

  • Emma

    Thank you Larisa, for your incredibly thoughtful comment.

  • Emma

    Tracey you've been with us since we ventured to our first funmatch. You've always been so encouraging and positive. Thank you for everything.

  • Emma

    Thank you Christine! He does seem very proud to represent "team terrier" doesn't he??

  • Emma

    Thank you Anth!

  • Emma

    Thank you Gail!

  • Emma

    Thank you Peggy. We are honored to follow in your and Dylan's footsteps!

  • Emma

    Thank you Jess!

  • Emma

    Thank you so much Laurel! How cool that you were there watching! You will have to find me at the next trial so we can have a good chat. I'd love to talk more. How amazing what you have accomplished with Maggie!

  • Lisa

    WHOO HOO!!!!!!!! That is fantastic!!!! An incredible accomplishment for both you and Miles. Since I own a Welsh Terrier, I know first hand how much hard work, love and enthusiasm this took. Please take time to bask in the glory of it before moving on to your next goal. Who am I kidding? Miles is already asking," what's next?". Congratulations.

  • Emma

    Lisa — Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Only another Welsh terrier owner can truly understand!!!!! Please keep in touch — I love talking to fellow Welsh terrier people.

  • Peggy McCallum

    Miles and Emma, you absolutely rock! Congratulations– we knew you could do it!

    You have such a terrific bond, it was only a matter of time before it all began to work for you on course. Every dog has challenges on course, and terriers think up lots of new ones, ones that don't get a lot of love, as a rule! But when these little dogs get it working, they are just the Most Fun Ever!

    And every handler is startlingly human. Evidently some people can wait until they're on course to be flawed. Some of us like to get started in the car on the drive out, or in bed the night before, or just on the day the entry goes in! As a fellow performance anxiety sufferer I say ( this is Peggy speaking, not Dylan, because he has none in agility!) huge Huzzahs on working through that!

    So proud of you– proud to have you on Team Welsh!

  • Tracey Mallinson

    Miles and Emma, such a memorable team. I love watching you run together. Miles is a character, and Emma is full of smiles. I was very excited to see you 'qualify' that final starters run. Well done!
    Tracey Mallinson

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