Miles “to a T”

Miles "to a T"
* Of course, ornament is not to be worn around the neck, just put it there for a quick picture!
Miles "to a T"
Miles "to a T"

{  Miles “to a T”  }

A while back I received this beautiful ornamental portrait of Miles from master ceramic artist Mary Dixon. It really captures his exuberance, and his personality, doesn’t it? Mary has been involved with nearly every aspect of dog culture, and is well versed in the body shapes and personalities of different breeds. She makes her artwork from beautiful, high-fire porcelain. Being a ceramic artist myself, I am very impressed with the quality and strength of her pieces. See more of Mary’s designs, or email her about a custom order at her Popogirl weebly site or etsy shop.

5 comments on Miles “to a T”

  • Mary Dixon

    Thanks for the lovely feature! Your blog is so nice!!

  • morgan

    really captures the enthusiasm of the welsh terrier…its in the eyes..

  • Emma (author)

    I agree morgan, the alligator eyes!

  • Jax

    Miles has some bling!Looks awesome.

  • Jackson Worth

    " to a T" yo don't mean Mr.T from the A-Team.

    He needs a bit more gold to compete with him. Beautifully groomed Welsh Terrier; never seen a better one.

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