Holiday Family FaceTime


This holiday season was different for my family. My mother has been taking care of my grandmother on the other side of the country for most of the year, and my sister is studying hard in Scotland and couldn’t make it back home for the holidays. Instead, we all worked right up until almost New Years, and just before 2017 hit,…

Happy Holidays!

Today I looked through photographs of Christmas days past, and I came across this one. My Nana has had a tough year, full of changes and challenges. Through it all, she has remained strong and balanced, at 92 years old. This year, I dedicate our Holiday cheer to

A Snow Day with Miles & Spencer

Miles and I live in an area with a very mild climate. This year, our summer was hotter than usual. Right now, we are experiencing a colder winter than we are used to. The last three weeks the weather has fluctuated between 0C to -7C / 32F to 19F. A few days ago, our neighbor Vanessa was feeling sick, so she asked if we’d walk Spencer (see more pictures…