Puzzle Games for Dogs: The Cross Slider

Puzzle Games for Dogs: The Cross Slider

Puzzle Games for Dogs:

The Cross Slider

This toy is made of two parts: a treat-stuffable ball, and a slider base. First, stuff the ball with a treat. Then, place the ball inside of the base. Your dog will love foraging for the ball, and when he gets the ball out of the base, he will then get to enjoy bopping the treats out of the ball! The base has five openings: one on the top, and four side doors. Each side opening has a removable clear door — so you can increase the difficulty of the game by closing more doors.
Small treats are best — for training and puzzle games alike, I love ZiwiPeak treats & meals! They are small, tidy, and high-value.
I like this dog puzzle toy because:
  • It has two parts, so the game can last almost indefinitely.
  • The treat-stuffable ball can be used as a toy on its own.
  • Because of the variety of play this toy offers, it is appealing to many different types of dogs.
  • This game can be played alone by your dog (although play should be supervised).
  • Difficulty level is adjustable, based on how many side doors you choose to leave open.
  • It is very easy to store, and to clean!

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