Puzzle Games for Dogs:
The Star Spinner

Puzzle Games for Dogs: </br>The Star Spinner

Dog Puzzle Game:

The Star Spinner

This puzzle toy has two overlapping levels (first the yellow, which is topped by a green piece, and then a green), each containing five compartments. When you first play this game, start with the easiest level, by filling each compartment with a little treat. When your dog has figured out how to get the treats by using his paw or nose to spin the top and the middle level, you can then increase the difficulty of the game by filling less and less compartments each time you play, gradually upping the challenge of finding the prize.

Small treats are best — for training and puzzle games alike, I love ZiwiPeak treats & meals! They are small, tidy, and high-value.

I like this dog puzzle toy because:
  • There are no easily removable parts for dogs/puppies to run off with and chew/choke on. Play should be supervised, though.
  • The difficultly can be upped gradually since there are 10 compartments.
  • I loved watching Miles learn the skill of using his nose and paws to quickly “spin” the top and the middle.
  • It is very easy to store, and to clean!

2 comments on Puzzle Games for Dogs:
The Star Spinner

  • Larisa Hotchin

    I LOVE this toy! I have now bought one and tried it with my 6 month old puppies — they figured it out pretty quickly. Then I tried it with my 5.5 year old dog "Joe" and he figured it out right away and is super excited about using it.
    Thanks for the recommendation!
    Larisa Hotchin
    Darwyn Welsh Terriers

  • Emma

    Thank you for the excellent feedback Larisa!

    ..And for anyone who isn't familiar with show dogs, Mr. Joe is show dog nobility! Who says beauty and intelligence don't go together?

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