Summer Walks to the Park

Summer Walks to the ParkRight now I am dreaming of the simplest summer routine: throwing a water bottle and a ball into my backpack, sliding on my flip flops, and walking to the park with Miles!

{ Ah, the warm grass between my toes and the soft summer breeze ? }

Summer Walks to the Park

{ I miss this face! ? }

Summer Walks to the ParkSummer Walks to the Park

Gear: Miles’ cooling jacket looks NASA approved, doesn’t it? I bought the backpack out of desperation when our flight was canceled last summer, not thinking much of it. It turns out to be my favorite backpack of all time, and it came with a lifetime warranty (same bag here). Lately me, Miles and the backpack are seeing nothing but snow, slush and rain!

Summer Walks to the ParkSummer Walks to the Park

Can it get warm now?

6 comments on Summer Walks to the Park

  • Danielle

    I agree! Sun and grass would be so welcome right now! We’re finally just above 0 degrees and raining, which is abnormal for February here, but we’re also having crazy thunderstorms. At least our snow is melting!

    • Emma (author)

      It is going to snow here again this weekend, I just can’t believe it! Thunderstorms? Wow!

  • Jean Napolitano

    Hi Emma,
    I am the owner of a 13 yo male welsh. Unfortunately not as well trained. I just love the breed. Must say they are unique and challenging. Thoroughly enjoy all your posts. This one is beautifully done. Have a question. Is Miles stripped or clipped? His color is so rich.

    • Emma (author)

      Hi Jean,

      Nice to “meet” you! I love your breed description. I do training and specialize in the breed, so I couldn’t agree more — unique, challenging, and so lovable. Thank you for the kind comments. I am so pleased that as an avid fan of the breed you like the posts. 🙂

      Miles is handstripped, indeed!

  • Darcy

    Emma and Miles, I know! You guys have had a winter to remember! It will be nice when it is warm again. I have that SAME cooling jacket! The Chilly Buddy! I saw it on your blog and bought it right away… very happy! It works great… Sally doesn’t like to get hot, and she has a jet black jacket, so it is super great for her to stay cool. Water backpack, snacks, poopbags, and nothing to do but throw on a t-shirt. Really looking forward to Spring in Boston too, though it has been mild compared to your winter. I’ve had paw pad issues with both dogs?! I wash off their feet after being in the slush and ice melt/salt, but both Sally and Chester got red spots and/or blisters. I soaked their feet in Epsom Salts, and used calendula cream, which healed them both, but what a drag! Any suggestions for winter paw conditioning? Let’s just get warm weather.
    BTW, may I have your Justin Trudeau down here? Please?
    Love you,
    Darcy, Chester and Sally

    • Emma (author)

      Hi Darcy,

      Glad to hear the Chillybuddy recommendation helped you out! Miles has a jacket like Sally’s, and man does summer sun do a number on him! I’ve had so many people stopping at the park asking about it. I guess our dogs aren’t the only ones!

      Paw pad issues — interesting! I was so worried about that this winter. I briefly tried dog shoes but ultimately was lucky that washing them after each walk (urgh) was enough for here. I have a paw care article in the works — looks like I’ll be asking you about care for painful paws! <3

      Haha -- being American and spending recent weeks home I barely have noticed the politics here lately!!


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