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Our Snowshoeing Adventure

Even though we’ve been experiencing a hot summer here on the Pacific Northwest, the winter we had this year (January well into March) is still not yet a distant memory. It was such an extreme winter, that I really couldn’t look back until we were well into summer!

Above the Sea Banks

The second the weekend hit, all my friend Cari and I could think about was spending some time outdoors with our beloved dogs. Saturday was a beautiful spring day, so we meet in the morning for a hike above the sea banks with Miles and Gadget.

First Beach Day of The Year!

It has been too long… After such a cold winter, I have been dying to hit the beach. After all, the best dog beach in my area is only a 10 minute drive from me and Miles’ place! When my friend Liana suggested we go to the beach around sunset, of course Miles and I were game! Liana brought a new…