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{Twenty} Sea Legs

Last Sunday, Miles and I went on a beach walk with my friend Cortnee, her dogs Soda and Bruin, and Vino, her friend’s dog that she is dog-sitting. We got lots of comments about the fact that Cortnee was walking one of each of the most popular short-nosed breeds: a Pug (Soda), a French Bulldog (Vino), and a Boston terrier…

Miles Bytes

Fig. 1)  Miles steams after a bath. Fig. 2)  The tail end of Miles’ post-bath zoomies ritual. Fig. 3)  Miles enjoys the volunteer raffle prize that we won at our best agility trial yet.

Snow Day(s)

Recently it began to snow here, rather unexpectedly. The first day, it was great. Isn’t that usually how snow days go? The first day, woohoo, such a fun surprise, probably no school/work, you’ve still got groceries, indoor power (plumbing/heat), yay lets play outside! The following days, if it keeps snowing… Arrggghhh! Work and other things begin piling up… Power goes…