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Our Snowshoeing Adventure

Even though we’ve been experiencing a hot summer here on the Pacific Northwest, the winter we had this year (January well into March) is still not yet a distant memory. It was such an extreme winter, that I really couldn’t look back until we were well into summer!

Snowy Walks to the Park

That last post was supposed to help end all snow here in the Pacific Northwest! We got a bit of a break mid-late February, and then, the snow came back. Currently, the weather reports and slushy snow are in a samba dance. Radio DJs are afraid to use the word “snow” for fear of causing listeners sadness, and have instead been calling it “that white…

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

We had a very uncharacteristic winter here, in that it was a real winter! I know, what west coast wimps we are to be so stunned about snow and ice! On a snowy Friday afternoon only a couple of weeks ago, my friend and I hopped into her car, and drove under 10 minutes away from home to a nearby woodsy park. There we met…