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Chester & His Bowtie

Darcy of Brighton NY sent me this photo of her Welsh terrier Chester wearing his brand new bowtie, made from our instructions. Look at that pose… What a handsome guy.

Make a Dapper Bowtie

It is now officially the season of holiday parties. Don’t let your man-dog go naked, or worse yet, walk around dressed like a Christmas tree. While he may not be able to follow you into the theatre to go see the new James Bond movie, he still appreciates a dapper look and sensibility. I have my so-called “manly” aspects (I…

Pre-Halloween Creepy Crawly Excitement

My buddy Gina made my day by sending Miles this extremely awesome Halloween spider bandana. I think this is the perfect way to dress up your dog for Halloween, without causing him or her any discomfort OR a full-blown identity crisis (I am talking you, Petsmart costumes!). Gina sells these handmade bandanas on her Etsy shop Diggity Dawg Designs. Halloween…