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Point Pelee National Park:
Woodland Nature Trail

Every spring people from around the world visit Point Pelee for the opportunity to observe the sudden influx of migratory song birds. Since Point Pelee is the Southern most point of Canada, many, many birds arrive there when they make their way back to North America on their yearly migration. The birds are tired and hungry upon arrival, so even the…

Point Pelee National Park:
The Marsh Boardwalk

One of the first walks you’ll see coming into Point Pelee National Park is the Marsh Boardwalk (click here to view a comprehensive map of Point Pelee). The park info claims that the Marsh Boardwalk is a 45 minute walk, but when we walked it at a leisurely pace, it took us between 20-25 minutes. The entire walk is on a well-built boardwalk, totally elevated…