The Best Travel Chairs, Ever.

The Best Travel Chairs, Ever.
{  Strongback Chairs  }
I am a bit of an accidental travel chair connoisseur. Growing up in Oregon, the camp-ability of pretty much any personal belonging basically gaged its overall value. We Oregonians love to rough it and we love our gear. Needless to say, I am a seasoned judge of travel gear. When I moved to the city, bizarrely enough, I had never owned a travel chair (or an umbrella – those are for wimps right? I am still not sold on those). Such luxuries were new ideas to me. Traveling with Miles to agility events, I soon discovered that having a travel chair for me would be as critical as a decent dog gear was for him. As we wandered city alleyways, I began to notice a wealth of discarded brand-new travel chairs. Soon I had quite the collection of chairs of all makes and models. You would think I’d be satisfied when it came to travel chairs… But no. None were comfortable. No wonder people tossed them out.
In agility, you are typically doing a lot of traveling, running on little to no sleep, then you have these brief moments of intense physical exertion, and then, a LOT of downtime. When I heard about Strongback chairs via Clean Run, I was intrigued. These are the first travel chairs completely designed with proper back support in mind. Me and Miles’ upcoming trip to Nationals sealed the deal — I factored these new chairs in as the main trip indulgence (It was our first vacation in two years, after all!). When my brand new Elite and Zen chairs arrived, it was love at first sit-down. I decided to bring my new green Elite chair with us to Nationals. It was worth paying the extra luggage fee. The only downside was that once we got to Nationals, I had to guard the chair from other peoples’ weary bums.
The Best Travel Chairs, Ever.
{  Miles enjoyed watching the 2013 Dog Agility Nationals from our tent, from “his” chair  }

The Best Travel Chairs, Ever.
{  My Nationals viewing spot  }

The Best Travel Chairs, Ever.
{  “I… am… awake…”  }

The Best Travel Chairs, Ever.
{  The best spectator seat at the entire 2013 National Agility Championships  }

The Best Travel Chairs, Ever.
{  My mum & dad modelling the two chairs folded up.
The zen (L) and the elite (R) pack up into backpacks.  }

The Best Travel Chairs, Ever.
{ Guests fight over who gets to sit in my (best) travel chairs. So now when Miles
and I aren’t away travelling, our Strongbacks stay next to our fireplace. Yes, indoors.  }

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  • theanthzone

    I will definitely look into these chairs for work if I'm able to use them!

  • Emma (author)

    Wow thank you, Freddy's bike tour person. Ps your tours look amazing…

    Anth, you should get the elite model for work. It will rock your world, if you can keep your coworkers' bums off of it!!

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