I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA). I am also a member of the Welsh Terrier Club of America, The Association of Professional Dog Trainers (Professional Member), and the Dog Writers Association of America (Professional Member). I am an active Masters-level agility competitor with my Welsh Terrier, and a member of the AAC. I am passionate about working with dogs and people alike, and about writing about dog training. My writing about terrier training was honored with a Maxwell Award in 2015. I am the resident Welsh Terrier training expert for the Welsh Terrier Club of America, and write the training column for the club’s quarterly publication The Welsh WAG.

I specialize in wild wiry terriers, and other spirited high-drive terrier-type dogs. I have worked with prospective, current, and long-time enthusiasts of high-drive terrier types all over the world. I am passionate about helping people with their high-drive terrier type dogs. I pride myself in offering a listening ear and advice that is knowledgeable and non-judgemental. These dogs are not easy, and the last thing anyone needs is to be chastised for ‘mistakes’ when all they want is genuine and straightforward information and ideas.

I offer my help through private consultations and lessons, both in-person, and via phone. For more information, including pricing and availability, please contact me.

Prospective Owners

I frequently speak with individuals/families who are interested a Welsh Terrier, or similar high-drive terrier type of dog, to:

  • Find out if a terrier type would be a good fit for you
  • Answer any initial questions you might have as you decide
  • Discuss accommodations that might need to be made to bring a terrier type into your lifestyle
  • Provide non-judgmental conversation — if in our conversation we find that there might be challenges in bringing a terrier type into your life, my goal is not to discourage you from doing so, but rather, to figure out what the challenges might be, so we can discuss what the various ways around these challenges might entail.

Current Owners: Local & Long-Distance Private Training

I am experienced helping long-time terrier-type owners and new owners alike. My specialties are all things wild wiry terrier:

  • Terrier-type-specific training methods and strategies
  • Walking on a loose leash, home routines, terrier recall
  • Custom-tailored training solutions for individual needs and situations
  • Troubleshooting and problem-solving
  • Nipping, chewing, resource guarding, leash issues
  • Compulsive and/or repetitive behaviors in terriers
  • Advice on special topics, such as preparing for an event or travel
  • Helping assess if your local training center is a good fit for your terrier
  • Individual coaching for terrier-specific success at performance events (go team terrier!!)



Danielle, Ottawa

“Even before we got our Welsh Terrier puppy, Oliver, we read stacks of dog training books. We had a plan and we felt completely prepared to raise and train a puppy. But when we brought Oliver home, our wild terrier puppy did not seem to fit any of the descriptions in the books, and none of their tips or methods seemed to be working. Even a trainer that we brought in did not offer us effective solutions. We quickly became frustrated and felt like we’d taken on more than we could handle. Oliver was labelled as “a terrorist”, a dominant puppy, or the worst of the litter. Not knowing what else to do, I reached out to the author of my favourite blog for help.

Emma was a lifesaver then, and continues to be, even a few years later. She helped us to understand Oliver better, and has given us invaluable information about terriers, training, grooming, nutrition, useful products – you name it! It is so comforting to have someone to turn to that understands exactly what we are going through.

A little while later, when we spontaneously adopted a senior Airedale, Millie, it was Emma I turned to for advice. It was also Emma that I emailed back and forth in the middle of the night while I worriedly lay up with Millie after her cancer surgery, and it was Emma that supported us after Millie passed away a few months later.

The special bond that Emma and Miles have, and what they have achieved together is so inspirational for other full-strength terrier owners, us included. Today, Oliver is almost 3, and still has wild moments and a few bad habits that we need to work on. But he is calming down with age, has become quite affectionate, and seems to have bonded with us in his own way. Life with a welsh terrier is not always easy, but with Emma’s help we have learned it can be very rewarding. And whenever I have doubts about something, need advice, or have successes to share, Emma is still the one I turn to first.”

Milena, Bulgaria

“With my partner, we decided to get a Welsh terrier and as this breed is not very popular in Bulgaria, we started searching the net for more info. That’s how I found Miles & Emma. First I read the blog, then at some point I decided to write her a mail and seek advice if the breed is right for us. Emma replied immediately with a lot info and resources where we could find answers to our questions. It was probably 2 years later that we finally got little Welsh and of course I wrote to Emma again. She gave us hints on house breaking, crate training, grooming and many other topics. Emma also shared with us links to articles, blogs and other online resources that helped us get relevant info quickly. Our Arie is now a little over a year old and I am still every now and then turning to her for advice when I am not sure what is the best way to handle a situation and I know that I will get the best possible support right away.”

Sheryl, Vancouver

“Emma has a real understanding of and appreciation for the terrier approach to life and she finds ways to work with your dog rather than against him or her. Emma is great with the owners too. She understands the extra challenges that come with some breeds and she is encouraging and supportive to people and their pets!”