Warm Sea

Once again, I am huddled in warm clothes and typing from under a blanket, dreaming of a favorite summer routine with Miles. Summer brings a lot of fun for me and Miles; the large agility events, grand hikes, road trips, and visits with family out East… But it isn’t the big events that I am dreaming of tonight. In this moment, all I can think about is the warm sea rushing across my feet, the sand between my toes, the smell of fresh salt water, and the sound of the wind whistling and flapping furiously about. A fast hop into the batmobile and a quick breezy drive down to the banks, with my buddy beside me…

Warm Sea

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Warm SeaWarm SeaWarm Sea

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Warm Sea

Warm SeaWarm Sea

What summer routines are you dreaming of?

6 comments on Warm Sea

  • Mary Anne Hauck

    I’ll dream of this scene with you and Miles, what wonderful pictures and memories!

    • Emma (author)

      Agreed Mary Anne! Do you ever get to go to the beach?

  • Molly the AireGirl

    What beautiful photos! We will be dreaming right along with you!

    • Emma (author)

      Isn’t it nice to have such intense dreams, that aren’t that difficult to achieve? Molly is so lucky to go on lots of relaxed adventures too!

  • Darcy

    Oh, Emma, what lovely ocean and Miles photos! I love the sea so much… I am looking forward to one of my favorite summer routines.. Chester and Sally and I go to an abandoned ski resort turned preserve, which is off leash, huge, treeline, and has a large crisp, clear lake. It is a lovely place and the dogs just love running on he hilly trails… They always meet friends and have a drink from the lake. It is wonderful. I also look forward to running on beaches, (before it is warm enough for people).. our beaches are much more shell covered than in your pictures… The gulls get the big clam shells and drop them from a height onto the piers to break them… So there are many shells and smells about. The dogs love it! That’s our summer yearnings! Soon, we hope! Love, Darcy, Sally and Chester

    • Emma (author)


      Wow, your abandoned resort routine is rivaling my favorite one here! I need to visit and see this place. It sounds amazing!

      Some of the beaches here have lots of shells, too. And others have lots of seaweed. I avoid both because I like to walk with bare feet.

      Seagulls are so smart… That clam opening skill is too funny! Miles would surely rush to eat the innards before seagull could come and collect their meal… He is a seafood fanatic! In the summer, he mostly gets a hold of fresh crab.

      🙂 Em

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