Us? Behind? Yes! We are Behind!

Us? Behind? Yes! We are Behind!

Yes! We are behind! Well, I am behind. If Miles had his way, I’d be blogging all of the time, and he’d be in my lap the whole time (sorry Miles, my legs get too sore…). So much has been happening, as usual, and while I have been good about photodocumenting it all, I have fallen way behind on blogging. This means a backlog of our balmy summer adventures are coming here, just in time to warm us all up during *shudder* winter.

To Come?

  • We participated in a Dog & Pony Show!
  • Miles’ Most Athletic Moment to Date — Wave Hopping!
  • Wild Wiry Summer Agility Fun!
  • Amusing Behind-the-Scenes Agility Moments!
  • Miles on the Lake (including a live Opossum)!
  • Miles Hits the Big City of Toronto!
  • New Friends!
  • And more!

Late Tuesday night, Miles and I got off the plane from Toronto. The East coast is chillier than it was nearly a month ago when we set foot there (heck, when we arrived there I couldn’t sleep it was so hot!). Due to how the West coast is feeling now, I can safely say that it is definitely colder here, for once. Wait! Why am I bragging about that?

What are your summer memories from this year?


4 comments on Us? Behind? Yes! We are Behind!

  • Darcy

    My summer of 2016 fond memory… Sally and Chester and I explored Barn Hunt. We liked it! We discovered new friends, new challenges, and a whole new level of dog-person relating. It was fun, and brought out the Welshie talents for chasing!
    We can’t wait for the next one.
    Darcy, Sally and Chester

    • Emma (author)

      Wow Darcy, that sounds amazing!! I’d love to hear more about your experience. Did you take any pictures? I think Miles would enjoy it too. The one thing that keeps me back is the fear that he will start trying to do Barn hunt in agility! 90% of the agility trials here are in barns, complete with rat holes. Hmmm…! Can’t wait to hear more about Sally and Chester’s experiences!


  • Danielle

    Oh my goodness! You have me so excited to hear all of those stories! I can’t wait! Wave hopping? An opossum? Toronto? Sounds great.

    Oliver’s favorite summer memories are his regular Wednesday backyard play sessions with his new friend Cody, and all the extra attention he got from both sets of “grandparents” visiting. And he took his job of protecting the yard from squirrels very seriously, in between laying in the sunny grass.

    • Emma (author)

      Way to go Oliver — you keep those squirrels out of the backyard! It sounds like you and Oliver had quite the action-packed summer. And I can believe that both sets of “grandparents” fell in love with Oliver. And I am looking forward to hearing more about Oliver and Cody’s adventures…

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