Wild Wiry Gamblin’ Brothers

Wild Wiry Gamblin' Brothers
Since we started agility training twice a week with Miles’ Canadian half-brother (from anotha motha) Axel, a lot of good stuff has been happening. Most of all, we are getting to spend more time with our best buddies Suzanne and Axel. A side bonus is seeing people’s looks of confusion about two Welsh terriers at events. A small number of people are just now catching on to the fact that Miles and Axel are not the same dog (despite the difference in handlers — me with longer dark hair, Suzanne with shorter blonde hair). But so far, nothing excitement-wise has topped the moment a few weekends ago that Suzanne and I realized that Miles and Axel had both Q’ed in their respective Gamblers classes! Suz and I had carpooled to do just a few runs at the half-day event, where Miles ended up getting his last Advanced Gamblers Q (Our first ever completed Advanced class! We are now in Master Gamblers!), and where Axel ended up getting his last Starter’s Gamblers Q (and second Q EVER! GO AXEL!!!!). It was a proud day for the Wild Wiry Agility League.
It was great to do so well, but as dedicated full-strength-terrier people, Suzanne and I tend to focus on and get more excited more about the experiences we have with our dogs. I walked away more excited about capturing the hilarious picture above than about actual wins or ribbons… I mean come on, does it get any funnier than that picture? Sure I got in trouble for the dogs technically being “on the lawn,” but it was so worth it!
Below is the after party. Two Welsh terriers DYING in lukewarm “heat.” Heat and Welsh terriers, they really don’t mix. But anyway, go team!
Wild Wiry Gamblin' Brothers

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