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Emma Kesler, CDBC, CPDT-KA is a terrier behavior specialist who has been conducting live online sessions and behavior consultations for a decade. To learn more, go here.

I specialize in terrier training and work with clients all over the world.

Benefits of a Terrier-Specific Approach

Terriers are often considered “naughty dogs with selective hearing.” The reality is with the right approach, it is possible to achieve impressive results with your terrier. Without the ability to effectively communicate, we may feel pressure to use methods that punish the dog to stop unwanted or unsafe behaviors. When a dog is very confused and fails repeatedly, the experience can be as aversive as overt punishment. Ill-suited methods lead to maladaptation for the dog (definition: failure to adjust adequately or appropriately to the environment or situation), which can cause them to opt out all together, and often lead us to say, “my dog is naughty or stubborn,” or, “he only does it when he feels like it.” Most people aren’t born knowing how to work with terriers, and most terriers aren’t born knowing how to work with people. A terrier who is understood and who can understand you will not only listen to you, but will crave working with you. These are working dogs after all, they just don’t automatically know how to work with us.

Benefits of Online Coaching

Terriers are very sensitive to environment. When a professional comes into your home, your dog may respond, but often things will revert back when the professional leaves. So you had to clean your house, and your dog still won’t respond to you?! With online coaching, you don’t have to clean your house if you don’t want to (no judgement here), and your dog will learn to respond to you. My passion is coaching you to learn how to work with your dog in “real life” where they are truly being themselves. I am known for my ability to customize every detail of the program to the dog at hand. You will not only learn how to work with your dog effectively, but you will receive the necessary coaching to feel confident in your daily life when I am not there. Terriers keep life interesting, and nothing is better than feeling like you know how to react as situations arise.

Emma's Approach

Emma and her Welsh Terrier “Miles” competing at the 2020 Masters Agility Championship at Westminster in NYC

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